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Top Green Sun Blocks

(and Runners-Up)

These mineral-based products block both UVA and UVB rays, and are free of toxic/ irritating synthetic sunscreen chemicals*.

No benzophenone-3 (oxybenzone/BP-3), homosalate, octinoxate, octyl-methoxycinnamate, octocrylene, padimate-O, parsol 1789/avobenzone, parabens, "fragrance"(phthalates).

Alba Botanica Sun Mineral Kids/ Fragrance Free, SPF 30 Z, T, H, A, Nn

Badger SPF 30 + Sunscreen and All Season Face Stick Z, H, F, CO, Nn

California Baby SPF 30 No Fragrance face stick or lotion T, H, F, Nn

Loving Naturals Organic SPF 30 Z, H, F, CO, Nn

Purple Prairie Botanicals SPF 30 Sun Stuff or Sun Stick Z, H, F, CO, Nn

Think Baby and Think Sport SPF 30+ Z, H, F, Nn

Goddess Garden Kids SPF 30+ Z, T, H, F, CO

Heiko Kids SPF 40 Z, H, NS

UV Natural Sunscreen, Sport SPF 30+ Z, H, F, Nn

Elemental Herbs Kids Natural Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Z, F, Nn

Mexitan SPF 50 Z, T, H, F

Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm, SPF 29.5 Z, NC, CO, Nn

Erbaviva Childrenís Sunscreen SPF 15 T, F, CO

Natureís Gate Mineral Sunblock/ Sport Block, SPF 20 T, Z, A

Jason Natural Cosmetics Earthís Best Organic Sunblock, Mineral Based/ Chemical Free SPF 30+ T,Z, NC

John Masters Organics SPF 30 mineral sunscreen T,Z, CO, Nn, NC

Kasia Good Day Sunshine SPF 30 Z, T, H, F

Lavera Sunscreen Neutral SPF 40 T, NC

Soleo Organics Chemical Free Sunscreen SPF 30+ Z, H, NC, Nn

Tru Kid Sunny Days Face & Body Stick, SPF 30+ Z, T, H, NC


The following are free of BP-3, but have other ingredients of concern.

Aubrey Organics Natural Sunscreens SPF 20-25 T, F

Avalon Baby Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 18 T, F

Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 T, Z, NS

Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sensitive/ Baby SPF 30+ T, Z, H, NS

Burtís Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen SPF 30 T, NC

Kiss My Face SPF 30 Face Factor/ Oat Protein T, NC

Mustela SPF 50 T, Z, H, NS

Neutrogena Sunblock/ Stick SPF 60 and Pure and Free Baby Sunblock/Stick T, Z, H, NS

Shiseido Sunscreen 55+ Z, T, H, NS

Solbar Shield SPF 40 Z, T, H, NS

Solar Protection Formula SPF 58 T, Z, NS


T: Titanium Dioxide

Z: Zinc Oxicde

H: Rated most highly effective against both UVA and UVB rays by Environmental Working Group,

F: Full member, Compact for Safe Cosmetics (CSC)

CO: Contains certified organic ingredients

Nn: Non-nano, safer size particles > 100 nanometers

A: Associate member CSC

NC: Signed CSC but not in full compliance

NS: Has not signed CSC


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