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Guilt-Free Chocolate Picks

These third-party-certified chocolates use cacao grown with fair trade and/ or with strict environmental standards. All are certifiably delicious!

Bars & Bon-Bons

Alter Eco FT

Art Bars by Ithaca Fine Chocolates FT, O

Chocolove organic line O

Cocoa Camino (La Siembra) FT, O

Cocoavino FT,O

Coco-Zen FT

Dagoba O, some FT

Divine FT

Endangered Species organic premium O, RA

Equal Exchange FT, O

Gaia Organic FT, O

Green & Black's FT,O


Health by Chocolate FT, O

Kallari O, RA

Native Gardens

Dairy-free truffles O

Newmans Own Organics and "N" series O, RA

Rapunzel FT, O

Shaman Organic Chocolates FT, O

Sjaaks FT, O

Sweet Earth Chocolates FT, O

Theo Chocolate FT,O

Vintage Plantations Arriba O, RA

Vosges Haut-Chocolat O, RA

Trader Joes organic O

Whole Foods 365 Organic Chocolate O

Yachana dairy-free FT

Hot Cocoa, Cocoa Powder, Chips

Dagoba FT, O

Deans Beans FT, O

Equal Exchange hot cocoa FT, O

Lake Champlain hot cocoa and cocoa powder FT, O

Montana Coffee Traders hot cocoa and cocoa powder FT, O

Sunspire chocolate chips O


FT: Fair Trade certified: Fair prices to farmers, protects worker welfare, no forced child labor

O: USDA or QAI Certified Organic

RA: Rainforest Alliance certified: Fair prices to farmers,protects worker welfare, no forced child labor; Preserves rainforests, forbids most toxic chemicals


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